Top 3 Android Smartphone Accessories for 2022

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Do you have a smartphone running Android? Here are the top three accessories you should get to make the most out of your smartphone’s features.

Smartphone accessories make using cellular phones so much better than just relying on default accessories that come with your phone. Using accessories is also a way to make the most out of the features you paid for. Here are accessories you should have for your Android smartphone:

Wireless charger

Wireless chargers make juicing up your smartphone a hassle-free experience. You just need to lay your smartphone on top of your wireless charging dock and it’ll start charging! You don’t have to mess with wires that get tangled and snagged which end up with your phone flying across the room because you tripped on your charging cable.

Moreover, wireless chargers are multi-purpose. They can charge other compatible devices that support wireless charging such as earbuds and smartwatches. Simply put your compatible device down your wireless charging dock and you’re good to go! Two smartphone features that you can enjoy when you have a wireless charger are fast charging and of course, wireless charging.

It’s good to get used to wireless charging as the smartphone market and the gadget market begins to move away from wired anything. So get rid of those stressful wires and get a wireless charging station for your Android smartphone.

Wireless earbuds and headphones

Apple’s iPhones aren’t the only smartphones that can enjoy music without wires. Your Android smartphone of any brand can do the same! As long as your Bluetooth works, any wireless earbuds supporting Bluetooth connectivity can work with your smartphone. You can get rid of the hassle brought on by wired headphones and earbuds, and enjoy listening to your favorite bands and podcasts without accidentally unplugging your listening accessory.

If you want to try combining Apple’s AirPods with your Android smartphone, you’re free to do so! Just take note that some of the AirPods’ features (any model) won’t be available to your Android device. If you want to enjoy the full wireless earbuds experience, get a pair of wireless headsets that are optimized and created for Android devices.


Smartwatches are slowly becoming the wrist staple. If you see people tapping away on what seems to be their watch, just remember that smartwatches are extremely accessible these days, and tons of well- and lesser-known technology manufacturers produce their smartwatches. You’ll be surprised at how big the market for smartwatches is.

So what exactly can a smartwatch do? Well, it can be an extension of your phone that’s strapped to your wrist. It also functions as a fitness tracker. You can take it with you during your hikes, runs, and other physical activities without bringing your phone, as long as your smartwatch has cellular capability. 

You can also monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen, and other health metrics with some smartwatch models. Just pick the brand and model that suits what you need out of a smartwatch, and you’ll have a great experience with it.

You can listen to music, read and reply to emails and instant messages, make and answer calls, and many more with a smartwatch. It’s like having your smartphone on your wrist at all times. Even in your sleep.